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A selection of past work

Butterfly Conservation logo depicting a butterfly and the text "Saving butterflies, moths and our environment"

Tech Works For Us is currently working with Butterfly Conservation in partnership with the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology on their Supporting Science project, developing tools for volunteer record verifiers.

Martha has brought fresh eyes to our project and assisted a detail-focused team to structure our work around the big picture and user needs. She has helped us understand and select the right approach and introduced research and product management techniques that would have been outside of our comfort zone without support.

Martha led development of the research framework, conducted interviews and testing and led developer meetings. We’ve therefore been able to focus staff time on our strengths and work collaboratively and confidently with delivery partners. Martha has taken care to thoroughly understand our team, the complex topic and diverse volunteer user base.

I would recommend Tech Works For Us to any digital project for which the process is as important as the tech you are creating; Martha will help you to clarify and document that process and end up with a clear roadmap of how you got there and what could come next.

-- Chloë Smith, Head of Biological Data, Butterfly Conservation

We have also been working directly with UKCEH on a user research project with a wider group of verifiers, for species other than moths and butterflies.

Martha Henson has worked with the Biological Records Centre on two recent projects to support our development of online tools to support the work of volunteer wildlife recorders and verifiers. Biological recording can be a complex area, with multiple perspectives on how things are best done and a wide range of user experience when it comes to online technologies. Martha's work for us focused on a consultation process with many of the people who are using these technologies to help collate and check wildlife records.

Martha was quick to grasp the complexities and sensitivities around the subject, and was able to provide a great deal of helpful insight into planning and running the consultation process, from the perspective of an interested and informed but neutral position. Throughout she was sensitive to the demands that data verification places on the volunteers involved, and was careful to ensure that the participants were engaged and supported, maximising the gathering of feedback from them and helping turn this into practical proposals for developing the systems further. Martha also brought her skills to the careful collation, analysis and presentation of the diverse results that the project generated.

Tech Works for Us provided a very good service for these projects, were always positive and maintained excellent communications throughout - recommended!

--Martin Harvey and David Roy, UKCEH Biological Records Centre

Previous projects and testimonials

Our founder, Martha Henson, has worked with a wide variety of organisations on digital projects ranging from educational games to online electoral campaigns. You can see highlights from her digital portfolio on her personal website and testimonials on her LinkedIn Profile.

Her clients have included included Cartoon Network, Raspberry Pi, the Royal Institution, Science Museum, Wellcome Collection, Nord Anglia Education, Teach Your Monster to Read, Harper Collins/4th Estate, the Comms Lab, the British Museum, the Natural History Museum of Utah, Museum of London, Tate, Frankly Green + Webb, Kudos Productions, Buxton Museum, the National Lottery Community Fund, and the National Lottery Heritage fund.

Martha was a great mentor for me as part of the HLF Digital Confidence Fund. She was able to demystify everything and break it down into manageable chunks. Her calm and patient demeanour meant I never had a silly question. I could feel that technology was becoming my friend instead of something to be feared.

-- Priscilla Igwe, Managing Director, The New Black Film Collective

Our mentor was particularly valuable. The skills, knowledge and advice offered from her were crucial to the planning and delivery of the project. We feel that this support, utilised in our meetings with the appointed contractors, was key to the required creative process and allowed for the funding to produce a product that we can all feel proud of.

-- Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre evaluation on their Digital Confidence Fund work with Martha as mentor